4 Steps to Expertly Integrate a Phone System With Microsoft Teams

In this digital age, it’s essential to equip your team with the best communication tools on the market so that your business can grow and expand. While online collaboration platforms are becoming more and more popular for a wide range of companies, the fact remains that the classic phone call can never be replaced — however, it can be improved upon with Microsoft Teams’ phone integration system.

Businesses of all sizes can enjoy more streamlined phone communication by taking advantage of Microsoft Team’s simple phone system integration process. Our skilled professionals at Netovo Group are proud to share the 4 key steps you should follow to flawlessly integrate a phone system within Microsoft Teams.

Select Your Ideal Phone Plan

Easy to navigate and accessible for all types of businesses, Microsoft Teams is a cost-efficient, flexible communication solution that works particularly well for remote workers. The ability to access high-quality VoIP services is yet another added benefit of utilizing the Teams platform for phone communication.

To get started, simply select the telephony plan that will work best for your team: the Microsoft Direct Routing calling plan or Teams’ classic calling plan. One of the main differences between the two is that the Direct Routing plan gives businesses international calling capabilities.

Integrate New or Existing Devices

Once you have determined the best type of calling plan for your team, it is time to choose the devices that you will be using on your new Microsoft Teams integrated calling plan. It is almost always possible to integrate your team’s existing devices into your new plan. On the other hand, for simple, adapted phone communication right away, our Netovo Group experts can advise you on the best new hardware, from phones to collaboration bars and headsets.

Double-Check Your Connection

Integrating a phone system with Microsoft Teams is a fantastic way to keep remote workers on the same page. However, it is important to check that users have an adequately stable Internet connection that will not affect the quality of their calls on the platform. Ideally, the connection should be high-speed with low latency. Schedule a few test calls on your freshly-integrated calling system to ensure that users aren’t experiencing any lags or connection issues.

Stay In Touch With Conference Calling and Faxing

After verifying your Internet connection, your Microsoft Teams phone system is ready to go! You can even take advantage of convenient conference calling capabilities that come included in all Business Voice plans. Your team will receive a regional number to enjoy this useful conference calling feature.

Moreover, you can stay in touch with clients and colleagues by sending and receiving faxes with Microsoft’s UCaaS (unified communications as a service) solution. Your team can enjoy cutting-edge technology at any time, from any location.

Skip the Learning Curve With Netovo Group

At Netovo Group, we understand that you may have specific questions and concerns about integrating your phone system through Microsoft Teams. Our friendly experts are here to resolve those concerns while helping you make the most of crystal-clear phone calling and the numerous additional benefits that Microsoft Teams offers. For more information, simply connect with our Netovo Group team by calling (212) 390-1900 or filling out this quick contact form today.

Alexander Schmidt

Managing Partner at Netovo Group, LLC a local provider of enterprise-grade Managed Hosting and Full-Lifecycle IT Services.