Cybersecurity Assessments

Assess and test your cybersecurity posture against compliance standards utilizing industry best practices and risk-based methodologies.

Gain an independent review of your cybersecurity posture, program capability, and your ability to defend against evolving threats — both internal and external.

We guide you through this complex process, identifying risks and the potential impact on your infrastructure, assets, and public image. Our assessments empower you with the information needed to ensure resiliency and compliance with national, government, and commercial standards and regulations. Some of the frameworks we cover include NIST SP 800 and SP 500, DoDI 8530.01 and 8510.01 (RMF), ISO/IEC 27001, CMMC, and HIST CSF.

Cybersecurity Assessments include:

  • Vulnerability Testing — Active threat scanning, network traffic analysis, operational behavior
  • Physical and Social Engineering Testing — Exploitation of people and physical controls protection
  • Penetration Testing — Internal and external security exploitation
  • Purple Teaming — Holistic approach to testing cyber defense capabilities
  • Web Application Testing — Functionality and security scanning
  • Code Review — Review of software through the software development lifecycle
  • Authority to Operate (ATO) — Utilizing Risk Management Framework (RMF) ensuring compliance controls are met through operational, administrative, and technical controls
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) — Helping companies pre-assess their cybersecurity stance for future DoD solicitations.


Defensive Cyber Operations

Prevent and defend against attacks, ensuring cyber resilience with long-term deployment and configuration improvements for cyber hygiene.

Today's cyber threats are quick, persistent, sophisticated, and potentially devastating. Our customers rely on us for guidance in engineering baked-in security solutions, continuous monitoring of cybersecurity operations, and the development, management, and execution of critical programs and responsibilities.

Netovo Defensive Cyber Operations Services include:

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Design — Engineering centralized visibility for monitoring and analyzing activity across networks and endpoints
  • Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering — Baked-in secure network services from project planning through implementation
  • Security Management and Execution — Program management, development, and execution of cybersecurity services for defending operations
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Attack Sensing & Warning
  • Incident Response
  • User Activity Behavior Monitoring / Insider Threat Detection
  • Malware Protection
  • Digital Forensics


Cybersecurity Planning

Access a team of cybersecurity program planning experts to manage the full spectrum of cybersecurity efforts.

Our experts create, document, coordinate, integrate, and manage all protection efforts to defend and protect every aspect of our customers’ programs against vulnerabilities and points of failure.

Netovo Cybersecurity Program Planning includes:

  • Program Protection Planning — Document technology, components, and information throughout acquisition, design, development, delivery, and sustainment.
  • Policy/Procedure Review — Access control policy, business continuity/disaster recovery, data breach and disclosure policy, end-user agreements and acceptable “use” policy, acquisition policy, remote access, web application security policy, cyber incident handling, Risk Management Framework, and ITIL.
  • Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM) — Provide strategies and continuous assessment to reduce risk from threats and vulnerabilities of acquired and deployed assets.
  • Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) as a service — Provide certified leadership roles for organizations unable to permanently field this executive position.

Our extensive knowledge of DoD Policies & Instructions includes Protection of Mission Critical Functions to Achieve Trusted Systems and Networks, Operation of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework, Critical Program Information (CPI) Identification and Protection Within Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation. We leverage this knowledge and experience to provide military-grade protection to commercial businesses.